Where to eat in Bali

There are several nice restaurants to dine at in Bali and are recommended by my friends. We went to try a few of them when we were there.

1) The restaurant at The Legian Hotel


The Legian Hotel comes with a gorgeous beach view, so it is best to go there in the evening to catch the sunset.

P1090135             P1090132 P1090134





Took some time to take photos while waiting for the food to arrive.


Gorgeous view.



Dinner took quite a while to arrive, but it was defintely worth the wait.

$15 Nasi Goreng is a must-order.  Deep fried chicken, fresh prawns, crisp Keropok, sunny side up, and fragrant fried rice – it is a lethal combination. It is seriously damn yummy and good. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.





2) Ku De Ta Bali

I really like Ku De Ta Bali. It’s next to the beach, and has a very posh yet cosy ambience. The cocktails are not cheap, cost about S$15 but they taste good too. Definitely a nice place to chill out at after a filling dinner. As it is quite near the Legian (above), you can head there after dinner.  

22 23      

3) Flapjacks

Kartika Plaza street, Bali

It’s just next to the beach in Kuta, and located in Kuta Square, so it is not difficult to find. I kind of like this place because they serve eveything pancakes! I think there are other dishes to choose from but since we were there, we decided to get the signature dish – pancakes.


Sweet and savoury pancakes.




4) La Sal

Info here: http://www.restaurant-bali.com/html/la_sal_home.html

This is a lovely Spanish restaurant with a very romantic ambience. You can get there by cab easily so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. I really like this restaurant and would highly recommend it :)

We had tapas, white wine sangria, and Spanish paella.


P1090114 P1090115

P1090116 P1090117 P1090118


5) Warung Bodag Maliah in Ubud, Bali

This place specialises in organic food and many media have written about it before. A must-go!

51  53 54 55

All of us ordered their specialty drinks. Delicious fruit rice wine and fruit tea. The organic food is tastes so fresh and good!

56  58


6) Jimbaran Seafood

The scenery here is very very pretty, and you can enjoy the sea breeze while feasting on your seafood meal.

We wanted to sit outdoors to enjoy our food by the beach but the wind was way too strong, and everything kept flying,so we settled for indoors instead. The good thing was that we still could enjoy the scenery from where we were sitting.

DSCN2014 DSCN2015 DSCN2016 DSCN2018 DSCN2019  DSCN2023

 DSCN2024 DSCN2025  

This is the last post for Bali! Ahhhhh, i want to go back! :)

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What to do in Ubud, Bali?

As I have said before, Ubud is a very relaxing part of Bali. Many people go to Ubud just to get away from the city, and just chill there. I know there are people who go there for outdoor yoga too, but I did not do that. It’s another activity to add to your list though, if you are into yoga.

For my friends and I, it was really just chilling out by our private pool in the villa, going for spas and indulging in good food (which I will touch on my next post).

1) Spas

We went to this place called Zen Bali spa for hair masks and mani/pedi. The hair mask is really really good. Highly recommended. One thing I like about Bali is that they have hair masks at all the spa places and they are all really good!


2) Taking long slow walks in the padi fields

There are many rice padis in Ubud and it is really nice just taking slow walks in the fields. The scenery is gorgeous and the people are friendly if you want to interact with them.

DSCN2040 DSCN2041 DSCN2043 DSCN2044 DSCN2045 DSCN2046 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49

The workers working hard on the fields, harvesting the crops. The woman even posed for a photo! :)


3) Enjoying good food (Pigging out)

As there are many yummy eating places in Bali, I am going to dedicate an entire post to it (next blog entry).

Meanwhile, I would very much love to have a massage and hair mask now!!! :)

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What to do in Kuta, Bali?

As I had mentioned, Kuta is a busy area, bustling with activities. You can shop, snorkel, surf, suntan and more in this area and not run out of things to do.

1) Surfing

Bali beaches are famous for its huge waves, and they are also the reason why so many people fm ard the world make their way to Bali. If you are keen on learning how to surf, they even have instructors on the spot to teach you at an affordable price. If not, you can simply lie down on the beach, people-watch and suntan while others surf.

P1090088 3 4 


For my friends and I, we decided to rent a board and ride the waves as surfing looked too difficult for us. It’s quite cheap, probably less than $10 to rent the board for an hour or so. It is like the simpler version of surfing, and you use your body to surf the waves, rather than standing on a surfer board. I would recommend this for those who are less adventurous, and obviously those who can swim. There were times when we were caught in the huge waves, gulping in big mouthfuls of seawater in between. But other than that, it was a fun experience!

 31266_425478513979_760178979_5399064_897791_n 31266_425478533979_760178979_5399068_3886782_n31266_425478603979_760178979_5399075_3643683_n 

2) Shopping in Kuta Square

Kuta Square sells lots of surf wear and beach wear. However, they are not cheaper so I would suggest going to the factory outlets elsewhere in Bali to buy the beachwear instead. There’s a Hard Rock cafe there, many fast food restaurants including A&W, and also several chill out bars.



I saw my shop there! haha. P1090083

3) Snorkelling

One of the places where you can snorkel is at Sanur, even though I have heard other recommendations on where else to snorkel. It is just a short and cheap cab ride away if you stay in Kuta. The snorkelling costs about $15 – $20 per pax for about an hour and it comes with snorkelling equipment and life vests.

Advice: If you want to see lots of fish, it is advised that you bring some bread along so that the fish will swim near to you and you can see them closeup. It was really fun when all the fish swam up to us! Also remember to put sunblock as it is easy to get burnt.

The speedboat will bring you to the middle of the sea before you jump in. 


P1090046 P1090048 P1090049 P1090050 

 P1090052 P1090078 

I would definitely recommend it if you have not snorkelled before because it was very fun! :)

4)  Visit Uluwatu Temple

Uluwatu Temple is perched on a cliff, and people usually go there to catch the beautiful sunset as well as the famous daily Bali Kecak Dance.


Note: The temple is however, notorious for the many naughty monkeys there. The monkeys grab tourists’ sunglasses, bandanas, spectacles, purses, cameras etc, and run off with them! We were warned beforehand so we didn’t take many photos there, for fear that the monkeys would take our cameras. However, I did see many tourists’ cameras and sunglasses being taken away by the naughty monkeys. Quite scary but what a sight to behold.


The Kecak Dance starts at 6pm, and it is pretty interesting. 

 31266_425478663979_760178979_5399084_2057356_n 31266_425478668979_760178979_5399085_586405_n 5 


The hour-long performance ends with a spectacular fire dance.


The temple trip was quite interesting and I would recommend it if you have more than 3days in Bali!

5) Spas

There are plenty of spas, mani/pedi, and hair spas in Kuta, and they are a must-visit! They are very cheap and really worth the money. We went to this one called Wellbeing Spa and was given a good pampering for over 2 hours. Do remember to ask for the local prices though, because if they know that you are a tourist, they would charge you twice the price. We managed to get the local price and it is so much cheaper!

Happy girls after a good spa. :)


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Flying to Bali and Where to Stay in Bali

Many locals love to go to Bali for a short getaway for 3 to 6 days, and this weekend, I would be touching on the scenic beauty of this gorgeous island.

Flying to Bali: Some people have told me that they do not find a Bali trip worth the price as they have to pay at least $300 to $400 to fly from Singapore to Bali. However, on my recent Bali trip, I managed to get some cheap deals on AirAsia.com, and only spent $110 per pax for a trip there! It is really cheap and definitely worth it. My tip would be to watch out for deals as most airlines have good deals from time to time.

Where to stay in Bali:

Bali is divided into two main areas – Kuta and Ubud.

Kuta is the city area, complete with shops selling surf wear, nightclubs, and beaches, while Ubud is where the rice padis and the private villas are at. I will touch more on these two areas separately in my next post. If you are planning a 4 to 6 day trip to Bali, I would suggest spending 3 days in each area, as both have their own charms.

Kuta: When I was in Kuta, I stayed in this place called Oasis Kuta Bali. It is a simple resort and costs $110 per room per night. Rather reasonable as I only paid $30plus per night as there were 3 of us staying in the room. It is also a mere 5mins walk away from Kuta Square and the beach, which makes it really convenient to get around. It also comes with complimentary breakfast and wifi.

There is a long pool in the middle which we can see from our room, and we went there to swim/take a dip every morning.

photo DSCN2005 DSCN2006   photo4


Ubud: Ubud is about a one to two hours’ drive away from Kuta, and is simply quite the opposite. Kuta is bustling with activities all the time, while Ubud is quiet, scenic and beautiful. Many people stay in private villas and go for relaxing spas when they head to Ubud.

We stayed in this villa called Furama Villa. It costs about $270 per night. I feel that it is quite steep but it is very luxurious! Comes with complimentary breakfast.







 We were served a welcome drink in the waiting area before being shown our way to the villa.



I must say that the villa is simply paradise. It has a private pool, a gazebo, a huge room, a very spacious bathroom complete with bathtub, and an outdoor garden shower. AWESOME.


Our own private pool!





The spacious room





and the bathroom! (this is only one small part of the bathroom). The bathroom is too huge, I couldn’t capture it in its entirety. 35


The in-house toiletries were contained in these intricately-carved bottles. Really beautiful. DSCN2065

And… An outdoor shower!



Other than that, the villa itself has a few other pools but no one seemed to be using them.

The public pool.



Bar/Drinking area beside the pool








 64 65

We found this exit from our villa into this wilderness, which took our breath away. 68  70

and then it was back to our private pool to enjoy the sun.



The suntanning area beside the pool…


The door beside it leads directly to the bathroom.DSCN2051

 31266_425492493979_760178979_5399346_1888443_n 31266_425492498979_760178979_5399347_1684852_n 31266_425492503979_760178979_5399348_5369471_n

Love the villa. If you are heading to Bali, I would highly recommend that you spend at least a night or two in a villa. You won’t regret it! :)


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Where to eat/club in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Where to eat in HCMC?

1. Pho 24 (Pho Hai Bom)

    271 Pham Ngu Lao Street, District 1

    website: http://www.pho24.com

This is a famous chain in Vietnam selling pho noodles. The service is fast and the noodles are extremely yummy. It is very cheap too, so I would recommend it when you want a quick fix. You definitely have to order the pho, spring rolls and coffee.  

2. Anvien Authentic Vietnamese Restaurant

178A Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1

tel: 848 824 3877

This is recommended by a friend so I have not tried it before. I don’t think it will be difficult to find since it is in District 1.

3. Lac Thien

207 Bui Vien Street, District 1

tel: 090 445 6103 (mobile)

This is also recommended by a friend. It supposedly serves Hue food, from the central region of Vietnam. The food is apparently real good.

Clubbing and pubbing:

1. Acoustic Pub

6E1 Ngo Thoi Nhiem, Phuong 7, District 3

tel: 848 930 2239

website: acoustic.com.vn

Lovely pub, nice live music with good chillout atmosphere

2. Rio Club

131 Ton That Dam Street, District 1

tel: 848 821 1827

A relatively new club which only opened three years ago. No harm taking a look and checking this out.

3. Nha Hang Com Ngon

88 Nguyen Du, District 1

tel: 848 827 7896


Massages, mani and pedi are pretty well-known in Vietnam and are extremely cheap. They can be found everywhere, so if you are tired after a long walk in the city, just step into one of the salons, or massage palours for some well-deserved pampering.

I did this nail art work for less than S$10!

Other things to note: 

There are many galleries in HCMC which sell fake art, or replications of famous paintings such as Mona Lisa. Buy at your own risk :)

The traffic there is horrible, I must say. Be careful when crossing the road. Most of the time people jaywalk and the cars do not care. So, just take note before you attempt to cross the congested road filled with cars moving about in a haphazard manner.

The only thing I have not recommended about the Vietnam trip is the Mekong River tour. I have heard good reviews from my friends who have went on it, but as I was only there for 3days, I did not take it. I think if you have a longer time there, you should take it!

Alright, I hope you all have fun in HCMC when you visit! :) I would definitely want to go back to Vietnam, but maybe to Hanoi and other parts of the country!

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 3days

What do you do when you have 3 days in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam?

My suggestion would be to visit the tourist sites, get some mani/pedi/massage, and then chill in one of the many cafes there for their signature Vietnamese coffee. In this blog entry, I am going to recommend the different tourist attractions that I have personally been to. 

1. History Museum of Ho Chi Minh City

Address: 02 Nguyen Binh Khiem St., District 1, HCMC
Phone: 8298146 – 8290268
Fax: 8258784

Opening hours: 8am – 4pm

Getting there: I would advise taking a cab because I took a cab everywhere I went in Vietnam. As long as you are within District 1, the cab fare will be fairly inexpensive, definitely lesser than S$10.

Also known as the Museum of Vietnamese History, this tourist attraction exhibits many ancient art collections from neighbouring Asian countries. It is not extremely big but you would need at least 1 to 2 hrs before you finish touring the place. Be sure to go earlier if you don’t want to be chased out of the museum towards its closing time. (That was what happened to me as I did not know that the museum closes at four!)

Looks a little like a local primary school from the outside.

A look at some of the artefacts. I did not know that we could not take photos inside until the curator stopped me. So these are the few photos I have. Do go there and take a look on your own, its pretty interesting!

I am a museum person, so I usually would visit at least one museum in any country that I go to. I would personally recommend this museum because they house many many artefacts which take you back in time into ancient history. Worth a visit!

2) Reunification Palace: 

106 Nguyen Du District 1

Opening hours:  7:30-11:00, 13:00-16:00 daily
Admission: 15000 dong (S$1)

Getting there: If your hotel/hostel is near, you can walk there with the help of a map printed beforehand. If you do not have a map, get one from your hotel/hostel. The one I stayed in had maps, so I walked there as it was quite nearby. If not, just grab a cab, it will probably be less than S$4.

3) Notre Dame Cathedral

Address: Han Thuyen, Dong Khoi Area

Getting there: It is just a five to ten mins walk away from the Reunification Palace. With a map in hand, you can walk there and you will not lose your way. It is not hard to spot at all.

It reminds me of the one I saw in Paris. Really beautiful and stunning architecture. and romantic as well :)

4) Benh Thanh Market – a must go

Address: Le Loi, Ham Nghi and Tran Hung Dao Avenuelocated at the intersection of Le Loi, Ham Nghi and Tran Hung Dao Avenue, District 1

Opening hours: 6am to 630 pm daily. O would recommend going on a Monday or Sunday. Do not go on Saturdays as it will be very packed.

Ben Thanh Market reminds me of Chatuchak market in Bangkok, except that the things are much more expensive in Ben Thanh. The market sells clothes, bags, a lot of souvenirs such as small purses, cutleries and candle holders. It is also famous for selling its signature coffee powder, which is what many tourists go there to buy. It’s not cheap though, I think I paid about 20usd for a few small packets of coffee powder. However, it is pretty fun to come home and make your own coffee with the small cute ‘coffee-maker’.

Advice: Seeing that you are a tourist, the prices quoted are much much higher than what you should be paying. Bargaining is allowed, except that they would not slash the prices by a lot.

If you don’t feel like you NEED the item, then don’t buy it. I was ‘conned’ into buying an extremely ugly pair of shorts for US$20! (aargh). The woman refused to let go of my hand after I stopped to take a look and I ended up having to buy it. Thinking back, I still feel cheated.

The market is not very big, you could finish your touring and/or shopping in about an hour or so. If you are feeling hungry, there are plenty of food choices at the market as well. And the food is YUMMY and CHEAP. When you go to Vietnam, you must eat the pho, vietnamese spring rolls, and also drink their famous fragrant coffee.

Extremely yummy pho.

and delicious Viet spring roll. Drools.

For the food options, I recommend buying a little of everything from the different stalls available there which is what my friend and I did. In that way, you can taste various food items all in one day and also feel full at the end of the market trip! :)


Saving the best for the last…

5) Cu Chi tunnel – the highlight of my trip

Getting there: The best way to get there is book a day trip with a local tour (plenty of tour agencies in District 1) and let them bring you there. It is an hour’s trip away and the MOST you should be paying is S$30 per pax for the round trip transport.

Advice: My friend and I made the mistake of not booking any tours or rent any driven vehicle. We took a cab there on our own and back, and ended up paying S$50 per pax. SO EXPENSIVE. So, pls pls remember to book a day trip, I cannot emphasize this enough.

Cu Chi tunnels is a huge network of underground tunnels that the Vietnamese dug and used during the Vietnam War to prevent the Americans from finding them. It was really sad to know that they had to live in such cramped, hot, stuffy and bad conditions but at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel impressed that the Vietnamese could dig such a complicated and immense network underground!

A model depicting the underground network.

The entrance to the tunnel. SO SMALL. Imagine the Vietnamese in hiding had to squeeze into such a small entrance to go into their underground tunnel, which is also where they stayed for a long time. I am afraid of small spaces, so thinking of staying in such conditions really make me shudder.

The simple food that they make during the war.

The many scary traps that the Vietnamese planted on the ground to capture the enemies.

A real bomb crater! It is very big in real life. In the second picture, you can see a dent on the ground.

A real bullet on the battleship. (to the right of the picture)

Part of a bomb crater embedded into the ground after so many years…

and the slippers made from the enemies’ battleships’ tyres…

Also, when you enter Cu Chi Tunnel, you would automatically get a personal tour guide who would bring you around the place. He would also ask you if you want to enter one of the tunnels. The tunnels that you are allowed to enter is not an authentic one. The entrance is slightly bigger than the one you see above in the post, but it is still rather small.

My friend and I decided to go for it but it was one of the scariest experience in my life. It is extremely hot inside, and because it is a tunnel, you have to squat down and duck walk, or you can crawl on all fours (which I would not recommend cus it is very dirty and dusty). It is also very very dark, there are no lights at all, and most importantly, it is VERY SMALL and very cramped.

When we were inside, we felt that we couldn’t breathe and we just wanted to get out of there! You can choose the 100m or 200m trail, thankfully we chose the 100m one. I am still glad I did it though, but I just need to warn you first.

If you have free time after going to all these tourist attractions in HCMC, then you shd find some nice cafes (quite a number of them there) to chill in. In my next post, I will  recommend the different places to eat/club/mani/pedi/go for a massage in HCMC. Do rem that you can use both Viet Dong and/or US Dollars there. So, anyone wants to go to Vietnam already? ;)

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Vietnam post coming soon

Hi guys, thanks for the great feedback and support so far :)

I have been working on some blog entries but as you know, Singapore is having its general elections now and many things are going on here at the moment, which is why I have been slow in updating.

Will be updating with many more exciting posts with lots of useful tips on Asia, US, Eastern Europe and Nepal very soon, after the GE (May 7). Stay tuned! :)

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